cooper wise in a red shirt with an older woman smiling at the camera

Special visit from Cooper Wise

Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center was one of seven lucky facilities that was blessed with gifts from Cooper Wise. Cooper has worked hard at collecting donations to make his dream of giving each resident a gift come true. Cooper not only gave to the residents, but also to visitors. Thank you, Cooper, for your…

christmas: two girls smiling at the camera in front of a tree

Visitors for Christmas

During a recent visit with residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center, staff would like to say thank you to Haley and Hannah Wheeler for their beautiful music, gifts, and joy they brought to the residents. They enjoyed every moment of their performance. Also, the Grinch’s heart undoubtedly grew three sizes. Thank you to…

Mt. Carmel: young boy smiling with an older woman

Visit from Mt. Carmel

Staff at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to thank the staff and students of Mt. Carmel for spreading Christmas cheer with the residents. It’s always so nice to see young kids spread the joy of Christmas throughout the facility.

Christmas: santa with an older woman and a toddler smiling at the camera

Family Christmas party

How blessed are residents and staff at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center? Residents had a great time during their Christmas Party with many family and friends visiting. Campton First Church of God choir and a special visit from Santa himself made an appearance to spread the holiday cheer. Hope all have a very Merry…

three women wearing different colored scrubs with snowmen on them

Some snowmen fun

Staff at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center are having some fun this holiday season. The other day they dressed as snowmen or wore scrubs with snowmen all over them. The residents had a great time with all the creative minds and how they dressed up.

woman holding christmas frames

Christmas craft

Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center has some very talented residents. They enjoyed making their picture frames and decorated thermometers. Some are excited to use them as Christmas gifts for their families.

people dressed in christmas outfits with garland behind them

Employee Christmas Party

Staff at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed their annual Employee Christmas Party last week. The evening was filled with wonderful gifts, delicious food, and surrounded by good friends. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

elvis singing to a group of people

Elvis for Christmas

Mr. Terry Turner gave the residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center a great tribute to Elvis singing many Christmas songs. He has been coming for years to entertain everyone. The residents always look forward to him coming and giving them a show.

a little girl sitting on Santa Claus' lap with a christmas tree behind them

Visit from Santa

Santa Claus came to visit the children and grandchildren of both staff and residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center. The kids were able to get their pictures taken with him and whisper what they wanted for Christmas.

man in a night gown using a walker

How to use a walker safely and comfortably

Many older adults that use a folding walker need it to move around more safely and independently. Learning how to use a walker correctly takes practice because the movements aren’t always intuitive. Using a walker incorrectly can actually increase the risk of fall or body aches. The first thing any adult needs to do when…