elvis singing to a group of people

Elvis for Christmas

Mr. Terry Turner gave the residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center a great tribute to Elvis singing many Christmas songs. He has been coming for years to entertain everyone. The residents always look forward to him coming and giving them a show.

a little girl sitting on Santa Claus' lap with a christmas tree behind them

Visit from Santa

Santa Claus came to visit the children and grandchildren of both staff and residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center. The kids were able to get their pictures taken with him and whisper what they wanted for Christmas.

man in a night gown using a walker

How to use a walker safely and comfortably

Many older adults that use a folding walker need it to move around more safely and independently. Learning how to use a walker correctly takes practice because the movements aren’t always intuitive. Using a walker incorrectly can actually increase the risk of fall or body aches. The first thing any adult needs to do when…

KAHCF: six women dressed up and holding plaques

2019 KAHCF

Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center received recognition at the KAHCF Quality Awards Banquet for being one of the Best of Kentucky. Betty Phillips was recognized as one of the top Volunteers of the Year in KY. There were three staff members who received Professional Achievement Awards. Jeannie Baker, RN, and Brenda Creech, Act./Social Services,…

Fraud: a gold mail slip that says no junk mail

How to prevent Elder Fraud

Elder fraud is a 36 billion dollar “industry” and they are making a business out of taking advantage of older adults. This is not only happening to the older or those with Alzheimer’s/dementia, but younger and educated seniors are losing money as well. There are 4 options to take advantage of to make sure you…

butter: woman kissing a fake cow

Let’s make some homemade butter

Thank you Jessica from the Wolfe County Extension Office for taking time to bring KY Kate by to see the residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center and giving them a chance to try their hand at milking. Most were old hats at it though. Jessica also helped the residents make Homemade Butter, which…

Halloween: group of kids dressed up for halloween with their parents

Halloween at the facility

Thank you to everyone for making the resident’s Halloween festivities extra special at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center. The residents had a wonderful time handing out candy to all the little ones. There were some great and unique costumes.

Rehabilitation: older hand holding a stress ball

Questions to ask when choosing a Rehabilitation Center

When searching for a rehabilitation center for your loved one, it is best that you visit several facilities. There is the possibility that your first choice doesn’t have an open spot and should have a back-up. Before choosing a facility, you should ask these questions: Is the facility accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation…