Fall: older woman holding a wooden cane

9 ways to Prevent a Fall

It’s reported that one out of three seniors will fall this year and fewer than half will mention it to their doctors. Falls are one of the biggest causes for injuries that can result in hip fractures, cuts, and serious head/brain injuries. Here are some tips to help prevent a fall: Clean up clutter: keep…

courtyard: two women sitting at a table outside smiling at the camera

Beautiful day for the courtyard

The residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed looking at the flowers, feeling the breeze, drinking Kool-Aid, and eating cookies in courtyard. Special thanks to Food & Nutritional Services for the goodies.

Long John Silver's: two women smiling at the camera with food in front of them

A trip to Long John Silver’s

What a great day at Long John Silver’s Stanton for the residents at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center. The food was delicious and the weather was perfect. Special thank you to Daniel Boone Transit drivers Willard and Robbie for all their help.

Health Facility: a woman in white scrubs helping an older gentleman

Key Facts into picking a Health Facility

Health facilities or health care facilities are places that provide health care. That include hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and specialized care centers. When you choose a health facility, you might want to consider: How close it is to where you live or work Whether your health insurance will pay for services there Whether your…

Fourth of July: two women sitting on a bench smiling at the camera

Fourth of July with the Residents

With the weather being so beautiful, residents and staff at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed their time on the porch gearing up for the Fourth of July. Later in the day they enjoyed lots of watermelon and celebrated Independence Day.

Long-Term Care: Retired Couple Sitting On Bench With Hot Drink In Assisted Living Facility

Planning for Long-Term Care

When planning for long-term care, it allows you the time to learn about services in your community and what they cost. You are able to make important decisions while you are still capable. Some things to consider when choosing a plan for long-term care are: Housing decision: Staying in your home. It is important to…