While many talk about offering high quality care, Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center is winning awards for it, giving you comfort that you are choosing the right partner for care.

Press and Accolades

Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities

      • KAHCF 2015 Statewide Facility of the Year
      • KAHCF-Eastern District Facility of the Year 1992, 1994, 2008
      • 2014-KAHCF Professional Achievement Award-Supportive Care
      • 2014-KAHCF Professional Achievement Award-Carving
      • 2014-KAHCF Volunteer of the Year
      • 2012-Statewide Administrator of the Year
      • 2012-Eastern District Supportive Services
      • 2012-Eastern District LPN of the Year
      • 2011-Statewide Director of Nursing
      • 2009-Statewide Administrative Nursing
      • 2008-My Inner View Customer Satisfaction Award
      • 2008-Easern District Facility of the Year
      • 2008-Eastern District Photograph of the Year
      • 2007-Eastern District Medical Service Award
      • 2007-Better Life Corporate Involvement Award
      • 2006-Better Life Media Award
      • 2003-Eastern District RN Award
      • 2003-Statewide RN Award
      • 2001-Eastern District Dietary Services Award

Kentucky River Area Development District

      • 2015-KRADD Volunteer of the Year
      • 2014-KRADD Volunteer of the Year
      • 2012-KRADD Nursing Facility of the Year

KAHCF–Best of Kentucky 2019, 2018, 2017

Administrator-Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award 2018 and 2019

2019-AHCA Bronze Award

KAHCF-Professional achievement Awards

2019-Supportive Care, Nursing Care, Volunteer,  and Caregiving

2018-Supportive Care, Caregiving

2017-Supportive Care, Caregiving, Nursing Care

2016-caregiving, Supportive Care